Best Personal Safety Alarms 2019

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Personal Safety has always been a cause of concern for people and with an alarming increase in crimes there has been even higher sense of alarm in people these days. So what do we do to ease our worry ? We invest in a Personal Safety Alarm Device.

So what exactly is a Personal safety alarm device and why should we invest in it ?

What is Personal Safety Alarm?

Personal Safety Alarm is nothing but a small device that when activate emits a loud sound to alert surrounding people of any attack or emergency that one may be in.

To put it in a layman’s words, it is a tool with a button or plug that when you push or pull rings an alarm which helps to make people around you aware that something is happening where the noise is coming from.

Why do we use Personal Safety Alarms?

  • It is generally used to make people passing you by or living nearby aware of an emergency situation. Sometimes, it may also scare away the attacker or assailant when they hear a sudden loud noise coming from you.
  • Personal Safety Alarms act as an emergency alert in case we are being attacked by someone. It can be a thief trying to take your bag, it could be a thug trying to scare you or it could be anyone who surprise attacks you.
  • Sometimes there is a situation where you are scared or are too shocked to shout for help, this is an ideal situation where you can just press a button and send a signal for help needed.
  • A personal safety alarm can be anything from a keychain to a teddy to a toy. It is generally hidden in something that is easy to carry and does not look like a threat.

So, it does seem like an small but useful item right?

Let’s just list the upside of having a personal safety alarm.


  1. Easy to use as it generally has a button or a trigger to press or pull.
  2. Easy to carry as it is small in size.
  3. Loud alarm or noise that can be heard till 1000 feet away.
  4. Has a psychological effect on the attacker and surprises him.
  5. Can be used by anyone whether its men, women, children, elderly

But there are always some cons attached with the positives. Let us give them a thought too.



  1. Can only make a sound and alert people nearby up to a limited distance
  2. Can surprise the attacker but may not always dissuade them
  3. False sense of security if you depend entirely on it and just stand there in front of the attacker

Let us not forget that Personal Safety Alarms are meant for alerting people and cannot actually fight for you. So the BEST way to use a Personal Safety Alarm is to Press the Button or pull the trigger and drop it near the assailant and run away.

Whether you a girl look for something classy and fashionable, or elderly looking for ease and comfort or a guy looking for something cool and stylish, there is a alarm to suit everyone’s need. 

We have a list of Best Personal Safety Devices  here for you to choose from:-


#1. Vigilant 130 dB Personal Rape/Jogger/Student Emergency Protection Alarm

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Rape/Jogger/Student Emergency Protection Alarm

This is a trigger activated alarm by Vigilant, a well-known company in Personal Safety Alarms. This is a best suited alarm for Joggers and Students. It is a small device that has a trigger to set off the alarm which emits a sound of 130 decibels that is considered the largest and the loudest sound on any alarm. It is easy to carry and has a Flashlight with a bulb that lasts a lifetime.

  • It uses heavy duty AAA batteries that are replaceable and are secured with a crew so that the assailant cannot take out the batteries to stop the alarm.
  • It can be carried by anyone during jogging, running, night strolls, trips, etc. It is also stylish and comes in Grey and Blue colours that go with every outfit. 


#2. Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

Another personal alarm by Vigilant is this whistle alarm. It is the Top Personal Safety Whistle Alarm available in the market these days. It comes with a keyring clip that can be attached to any bag, backpack, keys or purse.

It has a Push button to activate the alarm and a hidden off button to shut it off as well in case it rings by mistake. It also comes equipped with heavy duty batteries that last up to a year and are easily replaceable but in case of a battery failure, it has a built-in whistle that can be used to alert anyone passing you by for help.

  • It is not only doubly useful but also has a variety of colours to choose from like Red, Black and Pink.
  • Whether you are a guy looking for a safety alarm for your camping trip or just a working women or student, you can just hook it up with your bag or purse and you are good to go.


#3. Vigilant 130 dB Wearable Personal Protection Alarm 

Vigilant 130 dB Wearable Personal Protection Alarm

It is a wearable around your neck type of safety alarm. This Vigilant product is the top personal safety whistle mostly used by people who are into jogging, cycling, trekking and activities that require the use of their hands.

You can just tie it around your neck with the lanyard/thread provided which has a lock that opens instantly when pulled hard. In case of emergency just press the button and pull it from around your neck to run away. It also comes with a heavy duty batteries and a whistle in battery failure situation.


#4. Lermende 120 dB Personal Alarm Keychain 

Lermende 120 dB Personal Alarm Keychain

This is one of the Best Personal Safety Alarm Keychain and is offered by Lermende. It is not only useful for everyone but stylish as well. It looks like any normal keychain that you can use for car, bags, purse, walking cane, bike, pet leash, etc.

It has a 120 dB sound and comes with a grenade type alarm system. You just have to pull out the pin and the alarm goes off. It comes in black colour with pattern design that can be used by male, female, children and elders alike.


#5. Safe Personal Alarm for Woman Keychain

Safe Personal Alarm for Woman Keychain

This is another keychain personal safety alarm that is designed especially for women but can be used by anyone. It also comes with a pull and push pin mechanism.

To activate the alarm, just pull the pin out and to deactivate it, just put the pin back in. It has a hidden device inside the alarm known as window breaker.

This window breaker has a sharper side that can be used to cut the seat belts and a black colour button on its one end that can be used to break windows in cars or elevator or any sort of glass confinement. It is a life safety alarm especially for people who love to travel or go trekking or take rides alone. It comes in Blue, Grey and Red to add to your personal style.


#6. 6 Pieces TOODOO Personal Safety Keychain

TOODOO Personal Safety Keychain

This keychain alarm also comes in 130dB the highest sound in any personal alarm. It comes with a pull and push pin to activate and deactivate the alarm. It is also equipped with LED light for any night time travel.

It is suitable for children as it not only help them but comes in a variety of colours from them to choose from. It can be used by elders who live alone, students, joggers, etc.


#7. FUNRUI Patient Alert Alarm System 

FUNRUI Patient Alert Alarm System

As the name suggests, this Patient Alert Alarm by Funrui is designed keeping in mind the people who need immediate attention. It is a two way system where one is a button, the other is the alarm.

Once you press the button, the alarm will go off upto the range of 180 meters. It comes with light and sound indication and a low battery indicator as well.

It is easy to hang anywhere in the house and the button can be put next to a sick patient, elderly people, pregnant women and such who may be prone to immediate help. It is best suitable for Homes and hospitals.


#8. 120dB Personal Alarm – Self Defence Weapons Emergency Survival Device

120dB Personal Alarm - Self Defence Weapons Emergency Survival Device

It is a 120 dB personal safety alarm that comes with a LED light for emergencies. It offers a lifetime warranty on the alarm and comes with a 24/7 customer support. It also comes in a metallic design with anti-scratch material that is not only stylish but prevents the device from getting dirty.

It has a triangular shape which is small, easy to carry and fashionable. It also has a grenade type alarm system where you have to pull the strap out to activate the alarm.


#9. Hello Kitty Personal Alarm Keychain – So Loud

Hello Kitty Personal Alarm Keychain

It is shaped like Hello Kitty and has a keychain ring. This is a favourite personal safety alarm for kids and for students. It has the loudest personal safety alarm sound of 140 Db.

It is easy to use as you only have to pull the strap to activate the alarm. This can be used especially by children as it comes in a cute design and looks inconspicuous when they carry them.

These are some of the Best Personal Safety Devices available in the market to protect you in any sort of emergency situation. These not only have a loud noise but can be used by a multitude of people for their protection. Some come with LED lights that when directed towards an attacker can leave him blind for a few seconds to give you a chance to run. These look like some daily use items like keychains that won’t look like a threat to anyone approaching you but whenever the need arises can be used to protect yourself.

So what are you waiting for, get yourself a Personal Safety Alarm NOW!!